AFLETE is a fitness app exclusively used by influencers to show their fitness content. It's a customer only app.

Going Digital

Aflete allows you to transform your following and expertise into a profitable, automated online business, ensuring your content is secure and protected. As the world continues to evolve and lean further and further towards digital, your business should do the same. On average our Afletes who have made the switch have seen a 3x increase in sales compared to when they were selling PDF guides

Tried, Tested and Proven

Since its release 2 + years ago the Aflete app has succeeded in aiding some of the biggest influencers on the web to become the CEO's they are today.With over a million downloads, 100 + featured Afletes in more than 10 countries and a 4.7 REVIEW on the app store, you can rest assured your guides will have a reliable home.


The Aflete app allows you to scale your business to an unlimited degree. No more are you confined to PTing in your local area, the Aflete app now gives you the means to reach a worldwide customer base. Serving an unlimited number of customers at once, with minimal effort across all corners of the world.

Available on both The Google Play Store and The Apple store, your guide is always just a click away.

Brand Identity

Our team provides you with the necessary tools to give your business that professional look. We not only provide you with the platform to house your workout guide, but we also design and develop your website, and provide you with dynamic promotional content in order for you to build the hype and create a real brand identity.

Sales and Reporting

Upon launch of your guide, you will have access to your own business dashboard. You can view the full backend of your business in real time, meaning you can view live traffic and sales from all over the world with payments being transferred to you within seconds of each transaction.